Dating on Android: 7 best apps for finding a soul mate

by admin, Thursday, 7 October 2021 (7 months )

In the modern hyperactive world, acquaintances familiar to our parents are almost impossible – people simply do not have so much free time that can be spent looking for friends or a soul mate somewhere on the street.

Fortunately, dating sites and mobile applications, which all popular services now have, solve this problem and even give the modern generation a head start – you can quickly and free of charge meet dozens of people who are also in search. We’ve handpicked the best dating apps for Android, where it’s easiest to do it.


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Bumble is an original project that is very popular in the West. Here, the first message with mutual sympathy is always sent by a woman. The inverted rules of the game make everyone feel more comfortable. Representatives of the fair sex are not inundated with spam, and guys who, due to their character traits, did not succeed in other applications, reveal themselves better, since they communicate with obviously interested girls. This format attracts a mostly adequate audience to the application.

The only drawback of Bumble in comparison with its competitors is the small number of users, so it will be really useful only in large cities.


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The legendary dating site with history has acquired a proprietary application for several decades. For older people, this is perhaps the place with the richest choice of potential partners – finding someone in Tinder when you are over forty is not so easy. This leads to another peculiarity – there are practically no people here who come “just to talk”, everyone is set at least to meet, and sometimes even to build long-term relationships.

The problem is that the number of people far from the Internet and etiquette on Mamba is greater than anywhere else, so there is a chance to run into outright rednecks. Another scourge of Mamba is the dominance of bots and breds, which can be extremely intrusive. But if you’re looking for the best Android dating site outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Mamba is a great option. This service still gives odds to most competitors in terms of the number of users in the regions.


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The top dating apps for Android continues with the cheeky Pure. His success reached Russia only recently, for most compatriots, an application focused exclusively on finding a sexual partner is still too much. There is no need to create any accounts here – you indicated the gender, posted a photo and swipe people for an hour, after which the application automatically disappears. The application searches for a couple within a radius of 50 kilometers, and if it matches, it immediately sends it to the chat, which cannot be screenshotted.

No compromising evidence and disposable accounts are solid pluses! But the disadvantages are predictable – there are many fake photos, and many applications belong to professional workers in the intimate industry. The service is completely free only for girls, guys need to register a premium account to access all the functions. But the desire to refresh Pure becomes a kind of addiction – what if you manage to recognize someone from your own environment?


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If you open the reviews on Tabor, you will immediately find something like “Fell in love with a bully 19 years older” or “Here are screenshots of my correspondence, lol!”. The contingent of this application largely consists of Odnoklassniki users. The average age is over forty, if your interlocutor writes without errors – this is either a troll or a great luck. Nevertheless, mature people who are far from high technologies can look for friends and love here, feeling safe. Moderators are rapidly cleaning up all suspicious accounts, online is not so big, but the geography is the broadest.

The main advantage of Tabor is that it is free of charge. Donate here is purely formal, like virtual gifts, and the basic functions of communication and searching for profiles are equal for all users.


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Free dating on Android in a broad sense, and not only with the overtones of romantic relationships, is best made using this application. Powerful functionality allows you to conduct a variety of activities – sit in thematic chats, launch live video broadcasts, communicate with people who are in geographic proximity to you. As for dating for building relationships – here, perhaps, the situation is best with the youngest users, who are not suitable for other applications due to age restrictions (you can register in the “Friend” from 14, in the same Badoo – from the age of 18).

It will be more convenient for an adult audience to look for a partner with the help of the following applications in our rating. There are a lot of people sitting in DrugV around who are trying to occupy themselves with something on the Internet, but they are not ready to meet in real life and will avoid it in every possible way. But if you just want to chat, why not?


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Badoo is the favorite mobile dating app for most Russians. If you live far from metropolitan areas, then there is a high probability that the choice on Badu will be wider than in Tinder, not to mention other competitors. More than 30 million users from all over Russia are registered here – a very solid figure!

Back in 2006, Badoo introduced the classic dating scheme – a photo carousel with the ability to click like or a cross, and a chat that opens only in case of mutual sympathy. Now the service has a beautiful, perfectly optimized application that flies on all smartphones. However, developers are overdoing it with ads and premium features, cutting down on the communication options for free accounts. Also, because of the massive popularity, Badu was chosen by persons who have not reached the age of majority, posing as adult girls and boys, labor migrants, and other dubious personalities. But, in any case, downloading the program for free to your phone is a matter of two minutes, and if you are lucky or not, you need to check!


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The best free dating app for Android is a timeless classic, His Majesty Tinder. The main plus is known to everyone – it is the most popular service among progressive youth, which means that you do not have to wait for hours to get into the field of view of someone worthy. Registration is the simplest – go through Facebook or Google account, specify the search parameters and go ahead. Then it remains only to decide which way to swipe: choosing a potential partner for yourself, or letting uninteresting people pass, as in Badu.

The main audience is young people in the 18-30 age range, although there are many stories with a happy ending, when older users have successfully found a soul mate here. Tinder’s disadvantages are the limit of likes on free accounts and linking to social networks, using which many people here simply advertise their Instagram profiles. But since among all the dating apps, it is Tinder that gathers the most adequate and interesting people, we recommend installing it first.

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