Eight-year-old Nicole Oliveira emerges as the youngest astronomer in the world

by admin, Tuesday, 5 October 2021 (11 months )

Eight-year-old Brazilian Nicole Oliveira is considered the youngest astronomer in the world. Despite her small age, she collaborates with the aerospace agency NASA, attends scientific seminars and communicates with famous astronauts. In her room covered with space posters, there is an expensive telescope and a computer with two displays, with the help of which she searches for new asteroids. Recently, foreign media drew attention to the girl and she proudly announced that she had discovered 18 asteroids.… True, they are currently being tested, which may last for several years. But after confirming the discoveries, she will be able to give the names of her relatives to space objects. According to her parents, the girl began to get involved in space at a very early age and they had to save money for equipment for a long time.

Astronomy for children

Details about the life of Nicole Oliveira were told by the scientific publication Science Alert . According to the 43-year-old mother, the girl began to be interested in space at the age of 2 – she “raised her hands up and asked to get a star from the sky.” The parents were convinced of the seriousness of their daughter’s hobbies when, on her fourth birthday, she asked for a telescope. The woman admitted that at that time she did not even know what it was. Since the equipment for studying space at that time was expensive, the parents were able to save up money only for the 7th birthday of their daughter.

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The teachers of one of the most prestigious schools in Brazil learned about her hobby and success and invited Nicole to her place. The family of the young astronomer had to move from his hometown of Maceio to Fortaleza, between which there are more than 1000 kilometers. Nicole’s father, a computer scientist, managed to keep his job – he switched to telecommuting . At the moment, the girl is a member of the Asteroid Hunters program , which was created by NASA and the Brazilian Ministry of Education. The main goal of this project is to popularize astronomy among children.

Discovery of new asteroids

Astronomy teacher Heliomarzio Rodrigues Moreira noted that the girl very quickly notices points in the pictures that look like asteroids. She helps her classmates and talks about her hobby to other children, thereby attracting even more people to science. At the moment, Nicole has managed to find 18 asteroids, but the information provided by her must be checked by professionals. If the girl turns out to be right, she will have the right to name the space objects. She shared that she wants to name the asteroids after her parents and other relatives.

If Nicole Oliveira’s achievements are confirmed, she will become the youngest person to have discovered asteroids. At the moment, this title belongs to the Italian Luigi Sannino, who made such an achievement at the age of 19 (today he is already 40 years old).

In addition to her studies, Nicole is managing her YouTube channel . On it you can find a video where she communicates with very influential astronauts and scientists. For example, she once spoke with Brazilian astronomer Duília de Mello, who was involved in the discovery of supernova SN 1997D. And in 2020, the girl traveled to Brasilia (the capital of Brazil) to meet with the Minister of Science and Astronaut Marcos Pontes, who is the only Brazilian who has been in space.

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