Facebook is in trouble: big scandal erupts around Zuckerberg empire

by admin, Tuesday, 26 October 2021 (10 months )

17 American publications at once, including the most influential The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, published materials of the joint project The Facebook Papers on October 25 This investigation is based on internal documents of the company that owns the largest social network in the world. The inner kitchen of Facebook is shocking – there was a place here for algorithms that have a destructive effect on the psyche, and Zuckerberg’s collusion with Vietnamese communists, and even turning a blind eye to monstrous crimes like human trafficking.

The media documents were provided by former Facebook employee, product manager Frances Haugen. In addition to journalists, Haugen turned to the US Securities Commission, which will certainly throw a thrashing at Zuckerberg for violating a number of laws, but the main blow is still expected from the public, because some of Facebook’s actions promise to cause great resonance. According to Haugen, the company constantly chose between what was good for society and what was good for Facebook, but over and over again preferred the latter in order to multiply its income.

The legendary moderation of hateful content turned out to be different from what Zuckerberg portrayed it:

  • The company has been operating an opaque system since 2019, dividing countries into several groups according to the severity of moderation.
  • Despite Zuckerberg’s statements in Congress to remove 94% of hateful posts, in fact, no more than five are removed.
  • The company knows that the social network is being used for human trafficking, but does nothing about it.
  • Facebook’s investment in fighting disinformation is 87% for the US and only 13% for the rest of the world.
  • The company regularly ignores calls for discrimination and ethnic violence, for example, right now in Ethiopia.

Facebook: Data of 1.5 billion users are sold on the darknet

The negative impact of algorithms on the psyche is not news to anyone, but dry numbers are discouraging:

  • About 13% of young British women and 6% of American women experience suicidal thoughts about Instagram.
  • Despite the fact that likes, according to experts, contribute to the development of complexes, Facebook conducted an experiment to hide them and put everything back in place, as users began to upload less content.
  • As a result of the experiment, it turned out that three weeks are enough for a new user of the social network to fully immerse himself in the world of conspiracy theories.
  • The algorithms are set up in such a way that they themselves promote disinformation, for manual control of which there are not enough moderators.

Finally, the platform is seen in a selective attitude towards high-ranking officials. Zuckerberg followed the lead of the Vietnamese Communist Party and increased the censorship of opposition forces in this country so as not to lose the growing market. Moderation of major politicians is carried out on an individual basis. Despite criticism from radical right-wing groups, the company does not fight them properly, as their posts generate the most views.

Since Facebook knew about the upcoming publications in advance, the company took a position according to which all leaked documents were misinterpreted, and the platform itself is in every possible way fighting for the mental health of users and their safety. Mark Zuckerberg said there were “coordinated” attempts to discredit Facebook. In any case, the recently announced plans of the corporation to rebrand and change the name to Horizon now shine with new colors.

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