Facial recognition can be tricked with makeup

by admin, Sunday, 3 October 2021 (10 months )

Today in large cities there is not a single public place without surveillance cameras. Many of them are connected to a facial recognition system – if someone commits a crime, the police will most likely be able to recognize their identity and arrest them. There are advanced cameras even in Russia, and there are especially many of them in Moscow. In February 2020, it became known that the city authorities bought one of the best face recognition systems in the world for $ 3.2 million.… It was developed by the Russian company NtechLab, which was originally the author of a service for searching people on Vkontakte by photography. Despite the advancement of some systems, their accuracy is still not 100% and the systems are easy to deceive. To solve this problem, programmers are constantly looking for ways to trick algorithms. Recently, it was discovered that you can confuse security cameras with makeup.

Facial recognition can be tricked with makeup

Mask to trick the face recognition system

Facial recognition systems are being improved every year. Previously, it was quite easy to deceive them – I already told you that you can get rid of surveillance simply by putting on a mask with the face of another person . Especially for opponents of strict control, the American artist Leo Selvaggio has been selling masks with his own face for five years. Judging by the official website of the project , the art worker is still selling “bogus”. If desired, his face can simply be downloaded and printed. But today, this way of protecting your privacy may not work – facial recognition algorithms today are not as simple as they used to be.

Is it ok to cheat surveillance cameras?

In addition, it should be understood that an attempt to deceive the face recognition systems can be taken as an attempt to break the law. According to part 4 of article 6 of Federal Law No. 54-FZ , if a person is a participant in a public event, he has no right to “hide his face, including using masks, disguises, and other items specially designed to make it difficult to establish his identity”. So all this is not a toy and you should be as careful as possible.

Makeup to cheat facial recognition

Recently, Israeli scientists led by Yuval Elovici have developed a method to trick face recognition systems without females – just the right makeup is needed. The most important feature of the new method is that the drawing applied to the face is invisible to the people around. Without going into complicated details, the scientists used a neural network that identifies the most important areas for recognition on a human face. After that, he applies makeup to the photo, which allows him to change the appearance of these areas as much as possible. After obtaining this data, the scientists applied makeup to the faces of 20 real people from the images used and asked them to pass under a surveillance camera. If before their faces were recognized with an accuracy of 47.57%, then makeup reduced the accuracy to 1.22%.

To make sure that special makeup is effective, scientists tried to randomly apply makeup on faces – the accuracy dropped to only 33.73%, that is, the new method really works. Most likely, this information has already been sent to the developers of face recognition systems, or they themselves have read about it on the Internet. So the systems will probably be updated soon so that the new method will not work. It goes without saying that after a major upgrade, systems are likely to become more expensive.

If you want to delve a little deeper into the topic and find out how face recognition systems work and how they develop, I recommend reading this article . It also explains where exactly such systems can be used and whether it is worth fearing. The topic is quite relevant and, if you do not give a damn about the safety of personal data, be sure to read it.

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