Here is Why Apple employees use Android

by admin, Tuesday, 22 February 2022 (6 months )

For several years now, the market has been dominated by devices of two operating systems – iOS and Android. Naturally, users are also divided into two large camps, where some quietly hate others. And, of course, it is clear that employees of Google and other companies that produce Android smartphones used their smartphones, while Apple employees used exclusively iPhones in their work. However, we do know of a few instances where Apple has been caught using a competitor’s technology, but the recent situation is more than just using Android.

The last time Apple screwed up using Android was the one on Twitter that was labeled Sent from Twitter to Android . It’s funny, of course, but this situation is fundamentally different, because the problem is much more serious.

Apple Store Seller Salary

For several months, Apple employees have been trying to resolve the issue with their salaries. Employees believe that their salary increase does not match the growth of the company’s overall profit, rising inflation and housing prices.

Interestingly, according to the Washington Post and other foreign publications that spoke on this topic, the salary of store employees is kept at the level of the average for the region. But the capitalization of Apple is estimated at $ 3 trillion, it is not worth it for them to receive as mere mortals, right?

As a result, it came to the point that employees of the Apple Store in the United States began to secretly organize into trade unions. It is clear that when things have gone this far, workers need to be fully protected from surveillance by the company itself. The trump card in the hole turned out to be Android-smartphones, which are used by employees in order to protect themselves from surveillance.

United in trade unions, employees of retail stores in the United States decided to protect themselves as much as possible from surveillance by the employer. To do this, they use encrypted messages in chats and use Android smartphones.

Which is safer: Android or iOS

First question. Why on earth did employees decide that Apple was tracking their smartphones? Of course, it’s hard not to trust the people who work there, because they seem to know how everything works in the company. On the other hand, these are ordinary employees of simple shops. It is unlikely that they have access to serious data. Plus, it’s clear that all correspondence is not conducted through working smartphones.

Plus, tell me why all of a sudden retail store employees decided that Android is safer than iOS . With all my love for the green robot, reports of various vulnerabilities appear in different sources every now and then , so the statement is very doubtful.

Many probably know that Android is an open source system, so any developer can easily take the source code and build their own operating system from it. Obviously, in this case, it will be easier to write a program for hacking such a device.

On the other hand, we have previously told you about the research of the Zerodium company, which specializes in various vulnerabilities and selling them to the relevant authorities. According to their statement, recently iOS security flaws have become much larger, while Android has become noticeably better. So, if you approach working with a smartphone wisely and do not download all sorts of stuff from the Internet, then Android will be safer.

In general, we welcome new users of Android devices, we hope that they will be able to reach a compromise, and after that the realization will finally come that this whole apple story is nothing but a money scam. Friends, we are waiting for you in Google stores.

What do you think about this? Is it justified to get more just for the name of the company?

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