How to urgently save power on Android

by admin, Tuesday, 5 October 2021 (10 months )

Battery capacity is one of the main parameters in every smartphone. I think that everyone has come across cases when it is urgently necessary to conserve battery power. Well, for example, you are walking down the street at night, and suddenly the realization comes that there are only 10% on the phone, and there is still a long way to go. In this case, you need to either quickly find a suitable charger somewhere in a cafe, or try to keep the existing stock as much as possible. Today we’ll talk about the second.

How to urgently save power on Android

Everyone was in similar situations. Over the years of using smartphones, I’ve noticed that all people solve this problem in different ways. Some turn on the airplane mode until there is an urgent need for communication, others turn the brightness to the lowest values. It’s time to finally figure out where the truth is.

Tips for saving battery on your smartphone

Obviously, manufacturers understand that such a need can arise for everyone, so they usually leave some tips for more competent use of battery consumption.

Here’s what I was able to find on the official website of Google:

  • Decrease screen brightness;
  • Turn on automatic brightness control;
  • Disable keyboard sound and vibration feedback;
  • Limit the operation of applications that consume a lot of energy;
  • Enable adaptive power consumption or battery saving mode;
  • Delete unused accounts from the device.

In principle, this could have ended, but not everything is so simple. After reading these tips, I personally had a bunch of additional questions, so I propose to understand this in more detail.

3G and 4G battery consumption

I think that many users have encountered the problem of battery wear on a smartphone. Usually, after a couple of years of using the gadget, the battery begins to slowly die. There is nothing you can do about it, natural wear and tear after all.

When the battery on my smartphone starts to die, the first thing I do is turn off the 4G network. Why? Where did I get this from? Honestly, no idea. But I was sure of this, for some reason, even 5 years ago.

And now, quite recently, I came across a mini-study of colleagues , which clearly shows that in 4 hours in 3G mode, they managed to save about 7% of the battery. The check lasted 4 hours. First, a lengthy YouTube video was launched on 4G technology, then on 3G. The test was carried out on one device. 7% is it significant? I think yes.

The reason lies in the fact that 4G is not as widespread as networks of the generation below, which means that your smartphone will search for it longer. Therefore, if you are going to travel outside the city, it is also better to turn off 4G. Not so much for saving battery, but for a faster internet connection.

How to turn off auto brightness

I try to never turn off auto brightness and always use it at 60% of the maximum possible. But there are also extreme cases. If it is dark outside, and you are still cutting and sawing to the house, turn the brightness down to the lowest possible values.

But here’s the trouble. Many modern phones have this feature turned on by default. This means that even if you lower this indicator to a minimum, the smartphone can automatically make it higher at the most inopportune moment. Facing a battery problem more than 2 times a week? Disable auto brightness! This can be done as follows:

  • Go to Smartphone Settings;
  • Go to the Screen tab;
  • Next, open the Brightness section;
  • Disable the toggle switch opposite the Autoset;
  • Ready.

Should I close all applications on android

Applications that hang in the background can also greatly consume your battery. But here everything is different. One software has almost no effect on work, the other sets the battery to zero in just a couple of hours.

Avoid, first of all, various children’s applications and games that are cooked up by programmers on their knees. I think that everyone has seen something like this at least once on Google Play: Download Cars Game for free without SMS and registration. This is what I mean. Google, of course, promised to take the problem seriously , but I don’t know how they will succeed. Hard to believe.

Do I need to turn off geolocation

Modern apps almost always track your location. This is done completely invisibly, but it can negatively affect your charge. In an emergency, it would be nice to turn it off completely, but this is not always possible.

Let’s say you are waiting for a taxi or planning a route to your home. In this case, you really shouldn’t turn off services. It would be possible to allow the location for a separate application, but until you find the corresponding item in the settings, enough time will pass. Therefore, prepare for such an event in advance by reading the article on this matter in advance . By the way, do not forget to put your smartphone in your pocket in winter, this is also important.

Have you encountered situations where it was urgently necessary to conserve battery power? How did you get out of the situation?

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