Redmi or Xiaomi: which smartphones are better to buy in 2021

by admin, Wednesday, 27 October 2021 (10 months )

The same Xiaomi, whose smartphones were considered the top for their money, no longer exists. Rather, the brand as such has not gone anywhere, but has refocused on the production of more expensive products than before. Therefore, the role of the manufacturer of affordable, but advanced devices went to the Xiaomi sub-brand – Redmi. It is he who now does what the parent organization used to do: he does well, but cheaply, focusing on the rather unavailable and middle segment of the market and almost without swinging at the flagships. I must say, he succeeds, and, moreover, very well. That only the new Redmi Note is worth.

Xiaomi showed Redmi Note 11. The budgetary will copy the main feature of the new iPhone

Redmi vs Xiaomi

Which is better: Xiaomi or Redmi? Let’s figure it out.


I don’t know about you, but I no longer have the desire to buy Xiaomi smartphones . Primarily because of the price, which made them either faceless or unattainable. Against their background, Redmi devices look like a real salvation for a person who wants to buy an inexpensive but high-quality phone . However, first things first.

How much is Xiaomi

Let’s take the flagship lineup. It is now represented by three smartphones: Xiaomi Mi 11, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra . The price of the most basic model – Mi 11 – starts at N378,000 , and then if you buy on Aliexpress. In Niria retail, the price will be even higher. Needless to say about the most sophisticated modification with the Ultra prefix.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra costs almost N470,000. Yes, you definitely can’t buy this without a loan.

In general, not everyone will be able to buy such smartphones for cash. Most will still resort to using borrowed funds. It doesn’t matter if you take out a bank loan or use a credit card. Here the fact itself is ridiculous: taking a loan for Xiaomi is beyond the bounds. After all, if earlier Xiaomi was bought by those who were not ready to give a lot of money for a smartphone, now Xiaomi is the choice of the elite.

But let’s forget about the absurdity of the situation. Let’s say you have money for a top Xiaomi that you can pay here and now. But why do you need Xiaomi in this case? Take something more interesting. For example, the iPhone, which has a higher status, or Samsung, which is guaranteed to be updated for 4 years, or at worst, the Pixel 6, which will be delivered to you even from the moon.

Inexpensive Xiaomi smartphone

The middle price segment of Xiaomi smartphones is also a rather controversial category of devices. Undoubtedly, the top-end devices of the brand are very technological, although the brand spoils their authority a little. But devices from the price category of 15-25 thousand rubles are absolutely uninteresting something that you absolutely do not want to just own, let alone use.

Mi 11 Lite NE

Mi 11 Lite NE is good for everyone, except that it is uninteresting

Here’s the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite . This is a device that belongs to the segment of relatively inexpensive smartphones. It seems to look good, has good hardware, and offers a pretty good set of functions. But “not bad” is all that can be said about him. Because there are devices that are much, much cooler, even from the same price segment. For example, Galaxy A52. This is an excellent device that will both be supported longer and has more advanced features.

Xiaomi also has decent devices at reasonable prices, but they are in the minority. We recently talked about Xiaomi Mi 11T and Mi 11T Pro . Their price starts at 200 Thousand Naira , and they themselves support fast charging and, judging by the manufacturer’s promises, will even be updated within 4 years. But for modern Xiaomi, this is more the exception than the rule. But for Redmi it is the other way around. Affordable, but cool devices for her are the rule and the only way to survive, thanks to which the sub-brand turned out to be simply cooler than its parent.

Arrived: surveillance feature found in Xiaomi phones, military recommends discarding devices

Redmi Note 11 – specifications

Against the backdrop of Xiaomi smartphones, Redmi devices look like light at the end of the tunnel. Just look at the new Redmi Note 11 . Yes, it has not yet been released officially, but we already know almost everything about it:

  • Display – 6.7 inches, 120 Hz
  • Processor – Dimensity 810/920
  • Memory – 6/128, 8/256 GB
  • Battery – 5000 mAh
  • Charging – 33/120 W
  • Camera – 50/8/2/2 MP

The difference in characteristics is due to the fact that the smartphone will be presented not in one single modification, but in at least two, or even three. The most advanced version of the Redmi Note 11 Pro is expected to be so cool that it will receive 120W charging. This is the level of modern Xiaomi flagships. And not simple ones, but the most top ones. Nobody offers anything like them on the market today.

The price of Redmi Note 11 deserves a separate mention. The simplest version will be priced at $ 187. But I would not take it. In any case, with top-end versions, for sure. They say that the average Pro version will cost $ 250, and the most expensive – $ 343. That is, it turns out that the most advanced Redmi Note 11 Pro will be estimated at only 23 thousand rubles. Well, who is the new top for their money now? Huh, Xiaomi?

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