The most interesting features of the Google Pixel 6

by admin, Wednesday, 27 October 2021 (10 months )

During the launch of the Pixel 6, Google spent quite a bit of time talking about some of the new features coming to the latest flagships. They became possible thanks to the use of a new proprietary chipset of the company – Google Tensor. And because it is focused on machine learning, it will bring AI to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro right on the device. This will not only keep your information safe and make your smartphone run faster, but it will also give smartphones some other benefits that other Android phones do not have.

The Pixel 6 is exactly what we expected it to be. And even a little better.

The newest Google Camera with Pixel 6 is out for all Android smartphones.

Unfortunately, you need to understand that some functions will not work in all countries. That is, buying this phone in Nigeria, you will not be able to use them. Such functions are still interesting because they show us a new level of technology development.


Google Smart Calls

Google is introducing several calling options on the Pixel 6 . Now, when you search for a phone number, before you hit the call button, you will quickly see real-time data showing the time when the phone number of the company you are calling is the most loaded. This way you can plan your call so that you spend as little time as possible waiting for the operator to answer.

In addition, the new ” Direct My Call ” feature will provide a transcript of the automated system, which will indicate the data of the call. That is, if something is listed to you during a conversation, you can not remember or leave everything and write down, but just look at the transcript after the conversation.

Such a feature cannot even be considered illegal call recording without warning. This is just a text entry that is prohibited from being used against the interlocutor .

Some of the features of the new Google Pixel will be available to other devices, but some will remain just key features.

Identification of unwanted calls

Another function is already partially applied by other services, but will now become part of the system of the new Google Pixel smartphones . The company improves caller identification by collecting data from those sharing call information. Such a popular base will allow unwanted calls to pass by.

However, Google assures that there is no identifying information in the transmission of call data. That is, if you leave a record in the system, there will be no information in the system that it was you who did it.

Sending a message by voice

Google is betting on speech recognition. Gboard got a nice update with a new voice dialing feature via assistant. It should improve voice dialing on Pixel phones .

Live Translate helps you communicate better thanks to integrations with many popular Android messengers, including WhatsApp and others. This means automatic translation of messages. That is, when communicating with foreigners, you will not need to copy messages into a separate translator application. It will be possible to communicate without leaving the messenger.

In addition to its striking looks, the Pixel offers several interesting features.

Automatic titles for videos

This also applies to multimedia. The new Live Caption feature will automatically translate titles for the videos you are currently watching. All this becomes even more relevant against the background of the fact that the translator himself as a whole has become better. It now runs faster and smoother than before. This means that the translation will become better quality.

How to type with voice on Android: instructions and the best apps

These features are just a few of the capabilities that the Tensor chip brings to the new Pixel 6. This includes powerful new imaging tools and the improved security and privacy offered by the Titan M2 chip and Android 12 .

Of course, additional tests will show how all this works in more detail, but now we can say that the company has done a good job.

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