Using Android? Google has to pay you to do this

by admin, Tuesday, 5 October 2021 (11 months )

Where did the stereotype come from that iPhones are more expensive smartphones than Android devices? Yes, Apple’s flagships used to cost more than other manufacturers. But now, if you study the modern market, it will become clear that the same Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei offer more expensive models than an example.

Most likely, the stereotype today is supported by budget iPhones, which in almost all respects are worse than Android devices, and at the same time they are quite expensive. Take the iPhone 7 or iPhone SE, which looks like hello from the last decade. But Apple has reason to charge more for its smartphones. And, if you use devices on Android, then you also have to pay extra.


When you buy an iPhone – no matter which one – you pay not only for hardware and software, but also for the security that Cupertino provides for you and your data. It’s not publicized, but Apple is clearly pricing its smartphones with at least some of the potential profit it would make if it traded your data or used it to advertise, as others do.

Google does it differently . Android and the services of the search giant are, for the most part, completely free. Yes, the company charges a licensing fee from manufacturers for Google Play. But, first of all, they need it first of all, so that their smartphones are full-fledged. And, secondly, specifically you, as a user, do not pay absolutely nothing for access to the store and all other services.

Why iPhone is more expensive than Android


Don’t pay because Google is a corporation of good and its goal is to give the world free and super-convenient software. The point is that the search giant is simply working in a different scenario.

Why do you love the Google search engine? What about Google Maps? What about Gmail? And YouTube? For the fact that these services are: a) convenient and b) free . The main thing is that they are free. After all, modern people still hate paying for software. And since the total number of applications that we access dozens of times every day is in the dozens, we would simply go broke if we paid for them.

Google took advantage of this and gave us what we wanted – free and convenient software. But Google is a commercial company , and a very successful one. This means that she has to earn on her free software, and she earns, and a lot. It’s just that Google has entered into an unspoken agreement with users, according to which they use its services, and it collects their data.

It seems such a trifle – some data. But they generally include all the information about who we are, where we live, with whom we live, where we go, how often and even how much we earn. This is very valuable information that actually allows Google to take over our minds. With this data, Google generates search results in the search, tells us where to go, advertises products that we probably want to buy, and even tells where everything we are looking for can be purchased.

How Google makes money


The problem of uncontrolled data collection is too new for people to take it seriously, but industry experts and lawyers specializing in IT law insist that Google and other tech giants are getting more than they are giving us in return. The search giant receives $ 150 billion annually just by collecting data from users who, like children, cannot refuse it because they do not understand the scale of the disaster.

In order to at least a little equalize users in rights with companies, experts propose to appoint the first payments for their data. Today this is already practiced, but rather narrowly. For example, Google and Facebook pay users for their data if they allow it not to be anonymized. These companies have special applications where people take tests, answer questions and complete assignments, and then receive their payments.

Frankly speaking, the payments are not very large there . You are unlikely to be able to earn more than $ 10 per week. However, the very fact that Google and Facebook have shown us that data can be worth money already deserves serious attention. After all, when we use their services, they collect a lot more data, even if they are forced to depersonalize them. So why not ask us if we are ready to share data a little more openly, but still get paid for it?

I think most people would agree. Someone – for the sake of money, and someone – for the sake of convenience. For example, I adhere to the version that surveillance is really comfortable. It simplifies our lives. Well, think for yourself. After all, it is thanks to surveillance that I receive advertising that shows me where and what can be bought cheaper. Google tells me where to go, and thanks to international services, I can enjoy the same privileges that I earned in my country, abroad. In general, I would agree. And if they also paid extra for it, then I would be very pleased.

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