What is the Darknet and how to get there? Instruction in simple words

by admin, Monday, 4 October 2021 (11 months )

At the word “darknet”, many users may associate with hackers, trafficking in various substances, and similar illegal activities. In part, it is. But in reality, this side of the Internet is not so scary, and not only attackers visit it.

We will tell you what the darknet is and how to get there in simple words.

Darknet tutorial: 10 facts

What does darknet mean ? These are pages on the Internet that are not in the results of “regular” search engines, and which cannot be accessed through “regular” browsers – special applications are used to access them that encrypt traffic.

Darknet and Deep the Web – are one and the same ? No. Deepweb – these are pages of the “regular” Internet, inaccessible for indexing and access by outsiders. For example – closed pages in social networks, closed forums, corporate sites, sites of government and state institutions, databases – in short, everything where access is not provided to everyone. You can also access them through a regular browser, the main thing is to have a login and password (sometimes – if your ip and / or mac-address will be included in the allowed lists).

How big is the darknet ? Not great at all. There are about 1.8 billion websites running on the “regular” Internet. On the darknet – no more than 100 thousand, that is, 18,000 times less. Moreover, sites there very often appear and disappear.

It is easy to get there in the darknet ? Very easy. If you don’t do anything illegal and don’t be paranoid about maximum anonymity, then you just need to download a special browser for the dark web, and you can dive.

What can you find there ? In addition to forums and message boards dedicated to the sale of all kinds of prohibited items, the dark web contains resources of organizations banned for various reasons (for example, the political opposition), investigative sites that are dangerous / forbidden to publish freely (for example, the ProPublica news site ), online libraries, collections of interesting information and courses, torrent trackers.

Using the fully whether anonymous darknet ? No. Your ISP will not be able to track what exactly you are doing inside, but will know that you are using a VPN or Tor Browser. There is even more information on the servers through which users communicate – they can be confiscated from the hoster at the request of the special services. This is not an easy matter, so they do it only for the sake of serious violations.

Can you get on the darknet from your phone ? Yes, in the same way as from a computer: by downloading a special application.

How to search for information on the darknet ? Either through dark web search engines ( Ahmia, TORCH, not Evil, Grams, Candle, Fess, DuckDuckGo), or through directories of links to sites ( oneirun, The Hidden Wiki, in Russian – Godnotab). Both work poorly: updates are slow, rankings are also not ideal, and often manually .

Will I be tied up just for going to the darknet ? No, just surfing the hidden internet is not a crime. Only those who create tools to bypass blocking are punished, and those who order or provide some prohibited services there. But in theory there is a chance to get “on the pencil”. The police have already covered some shady areas – even at the Silk Road level If this happens, and you find yourself in the lists of visitors, it is not known what will come back to haunt. Also, in some countries, even the study of a ban is prohibited: for example, in China, one cannot read opposition ideology.

Is it safe to visit the Darknet for my PC / Identity ? In most cases, yes, unless you download anything from there. But there is a nuance: by entering the darknet, you become part of the traffic encryption network, and theoretically your computer can participate in brute- force attacks or oS attacks. Most likely, it will not bring anything except slowing down the PC while visiting sites.

How to enter the darknet?

Download Tor Browser from the official website and install it (for PC). For mobile – on Android there is Tor Browser , for iPhone – Onion Browser.  

Have you installed it? Everything, you can use it: open any search engine from those that we have listed above, and look for the necessary information.

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