When to get married? Scientists have identified the ideal age for marriage

by admin, Monday, 4 October 2021 (11 months )

When to get married? Scientists have identified the ideal age for marriage

In most civilized countries, you can get married from the age of 16-18. But there is no upper bar – every adult decides for himself when to put a stamp in his passport. Holivars are being held on the topic of “when it’s time”: grandparents believe that it is necessary for a long time, parents also usually rush when the child is slightly over 20, but ultimately the choice comes down to the personal opinion of young people.

But now, in the endless controversy, a scientifically accurate argument has emerged. It is detailed in the book Algorithms for Life: Computer Science of Human Decisions.

It was written by American journalist Brian Christian and professor of psychology and cognitive sciences and director of the Institute of Brain Sciences Tom Griffiths. Despite the boring words “algorithms” and “computer science”, the book tells in an interesting language about how to make the right decisions in life, based on different principles of mathematics.

This book mentions the “ 37% rule ”. It says: if you need to make a choice from a large number of options, do it when you evaluate 37% of them. According to the authors, this experience is already enough to make an informed and correct decision, without wasting time on enumerating the remaining possibilities.

Let’s use an example that is most often used to explain this rule.

You need to hire a secretary and there are several candidates for this position. You can talk to everyone 1 time, and immediately after the interview make a decision: whether to take or not. Return to the candidate, if refused – is impossible. According to this rule – you need to evaluate 37% of applicants without accepting any of them. And out of the next 63%, take the first one who turns out to be better than the previous ones. Of course, this does not guarantee – it is possible that the first candidate will be the best, and he will be missed. But it is the 37% Rule that provides the highest chance that you won’t go wrong. Why this is so – is already explained by dry mathematical formulas.

Now, back to the age of marriage. If we take the range from 18 to 40 years – that is, the period when people are most active in arranging their personal lives – then you need to marry at the age of 26 . Before, there will not be enough experience to understand what you need and the ability to evaluate a person. Later – all the best can already be snatched up.

Interestingly, real statistics do confirm this mathematical algorithm. The most prosperous in Europe are marriages that were formalized at ~ 26 years old. In the United States, scientists believe that the best age for marriage is 28-32 years. And since it usually takes a long time to find a partner, Americans decide to settle down at about the same 26 years. However, it is not worth delaying the creation of a family: after 32, the chance of a dysfunctional marriage increases by 5% every year.

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