Which laptop screen is better: glossy or matte?

by admin, Tuesday, 26 October 2021 (10 months )

When buying a new laptop, you should pay attention not only to its design and technical characteristics. To make work comfortable and rest pleasant, it is important to choose the right type of matrix and glass, which it is covered with. There are two options: glossy or matte screen. Which one is better, it is impossible to say unequivocally: they are simply different and each suits its tasks.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of such displays and decide when and why they should be chosen.

Matte screen

A matte screen is practical. Its main advantage is the  absence of a reflective effect, which is achieved through a special light-diffusing coating that eliminates glare. When working with a matte screen, eyes get tired much less, especially if it happens outdoors or indoors, where bright sunlight is directed directly at the laptop. In such conditions, the glossy screen turns almost into a mirror.

The second plus is that the matte screen is less easily soiled. On it, stains and fingerprints are almost invisible. You will have to wipe such a display much less often, and it will look neat even in an unkempt state.

However, thanks to the same anti-reflective coating, the light from the screen itself is scattered, which means that the brightness and contrast of the image suffer. Matte screens are simply less color-accurate. Perhaps this disadvantage is not so critical for ordinary users, but definitely perceptible for artists and graphic designers.

Well, if you are suddenly planning to buy a newfangled laptop with a touch screen, then you should know that they almost never happen with matte screens. The coating is not smooth enough and interferes with the normal operation of the touchscreen. So there is only gloss.

Glossy screen

Glossy displays delight the eye with a juicy picture. They have excellent color rendering, high parameters of brightness and contrast of the image. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, watching a movie or drawing in a graphics editor, if the light in the room is dim, the impression from the glossy screen will be much better.

But, unfortunately, eyes get tired of such a wonderful picture, even in equal conditions, much faster than on a muted matte screen. This is especially noticeable when working with text, when you have to look at small objects for a long time. Well, the glare of the glossy screen is very strong. So much so that it becomes almost impossible to work outside in clear weather or with a light source somewhere behind your back.

In general, notebooks with glossy screens look more spectacular and more expensive. However, be careful and be prepared for the fact that any touch, even a casual one, will leave traces on the screen. You will have to wipe the prints often, preferably with a special cloth and cleaning agent so that no ugly streaks remain.

Which to choose?

Before settling on a particular type of display, consider what you will be doing with your laptop most of the time. If you are buying a workhorse for use in different places with changing lighting conditions, or you just spend a lot of time at the laptop and deal with text, it is better to save your eyes and stay on a matte screen.

For painters, photographers, designers, video editors and other professionals, where color and other nuances of the image are very important, a laptop with a glossy display is better suited. This is the preferred choice for a home multimedia or gaming device, if it will not be a problem for you to provide a comfortable operating environment for such a screen.

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